Abe’s thought professional killer ‘to go through mental assessment’

The associated professional killer with Japanese previous Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will go through mental assessment until not long from now, Japanese media covered Saturday.

Tetsuya Yamagami, a jobless 41-year-old, has been distinguished by police as the suspect who moved toward Abe at a mission discourse on a city intersection on July 8 and started shooting with a hand tailored weapon.

A court in Nara in western Japan, where the suspect resided and the shooting happened, in truth investigators’ solicitation that Yamagami be held for mental assessment, the Nikkei and different media revealed.

Nara investigators couldn’t be gone after remark outside business hours.

The assessment will go on until Nov 29, the Nikkei said, and will decide if Yamagami will prosecuted for shoot.

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