Basketball schools and clubs in Moscow for adults

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So, the list of basketball sections for adults.

RAYDAS Sport Club (CAO)

The club is engaged in the development of badminton and women’s amateur basketball. Trainings are held taking into account the sports training of the participants. On the basis of RAYDAS Sport Club, city and national tournaments, master classes and sports camps are held.

Ball territory (SEAD)

This sports center with 4,300 sq. m of sports parquet is considered one of the best in Moscow. You can sign up for group or individual basketball training, find a team or play with friends.

Basketball club “Stremlenie” (SWAO)

Professional trainers are ready to train beginners of any age. In training, game exercises are carried out, dribbling, throws are worked out, the ability to work in a team develops. Here you will be taught to play in a variety of formats. Training takes place twice a week.

Playground (SVAO)

On the territory of the club there are two grounds covered with Canadian maple parquet. There are eight training rings and electronic scoreboards with statistics. In personal and group training you will develop your jump, endurance, speed and flexibility.

Amateur Basketball Academy (SAO, SAO, SEAD, VAO)

Working with a coach, you will practice the basic skills of the game, and then you will consolidate them on more and more complex models. Mentors strive to teach their wards to be useful to the team. Modern methods are used, it is possible to independently form a training schedule.


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