World Cup Ice Hockey will not take place in 2024

The Canadian TV channel The Sports Network (TSN) reported that the Ice Hockey World Cup scheduled for February 2024 could be rescheduled to other dates. According to the channel’s sources, the parties concerned have not made a final decision. It was also reported that the organizers are considering the participation of Russian hockey players in the World Cup.

At the same time, the president of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), Luc Tardif, said that the organization does not intend to allow the national teams of Russia and Belarus to participate in international competitions in the upcoming season due to the situation in Ukraine.

The Ice Hockey World Cup is held under the auspices of the IIHF. The previous tournament was held in 2016. Team Canada was the winner. Russian hockey players were defeated in the semifinals.

Earlier, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said that Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin plays for his club, and not for Russia. So he answered the question of journalists whether he sees problems in the fact that the hockey player is friends with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The commissioner emphasized that this applies to all Russian hockey players in the NHL who found themselves in a difficult situation after the events of February 24th.

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