The 10 best football players in 2023 for Alabama: no. 8

Caleb Downs, a freshman safety for Alabama Football, has never played a down for the Crimson Tide, but he is good enough to make this list based on evaluations from high school and early spring practice results.

In point of fact, he will probably have been placed too low on this early predictive list if Downs proves to be as good as advertised when the fall season begins.

Caleb Downs was the highest-ranked safety in the 2023 class and a 5-star recruit.

It is very unlikely that a safety will ever be the no. 1 player in any given class, as recruiting rankings frequently are based on projections for the upcoming NFL Draft. However, regardless of position, class, or state, most scouts and analysts agreed that Downs was the best high school football player in the country last season.

The true freshman is reportedly receiving first team reps just a few practice sessions into the spring and is already making waves in spring practice.

In 2023, Alabama’s defense should see a significant impact from Caleb Downs. From the moment he arrived on campus, he quickly established himself as one of the team’s most talented players, and he is expected to fill one of the roster’s most critical positions.

Assumptions for the first year recruit security are developing step by step, however it is likewise vital to stay practical with his turn of events. Although history suggests that this is not likely, Downs could very well be an elite, game-changing player for Alabama Football right away.

Expect Caleb Downs to be a very good safety if he starts the first game for Bama. He might make a few dynamite plays, yet developing torments and an intermittent error shouldn’t come as a significant shock.

Alabama Football has a small bunch of veterans in the optional that can give administration and direction to Downs, including Kool-Help McKinstry, Malachi Moore, and Kristian Story.

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