Where to play football in Moscow: new sports facilities

About 320,000 people play football in the capital. Thousands of fans follow the matches of their favorite clubs at stadiums and in front of TV screens. And some fans bet on the matches of their favorites. You can bet on football directly from your mobile using the bookmaker apps that you can find here.
And we will tell fans of kicking the ball about new sites.

The sports complex was built in 2017. There are six sports zones here. In the open air there is a large football field (110 by 72.4 m), a small one and a workout ground. Inside the complex there is a sports and gym, chess and checkers clubs.

The stadium, whose area is 3,500 square meters. m., earned in South Tushino in 2019. The football field has a synthetic surface, an electronic scoreboard is installed, stands are provided for fans. Also on the territory of the stadium there are a gym and a children’s playground.


Indoor football arena with an area of ​​7,800 sq. m. opened in 2018. The playing field, gym, locker rooms, coaching rooms, offices and dining room will delight visitors.

“Medvedkovo Arena”

The kit was launched in 2020. Its highlight is the football field with heating and coating, which reduces injuries among athletes. The stands and the electronic scoreboard make the arena an excellent venue for competitions.

Nearby is a playground with treadmills, and in a two-story building there are locker rooms, a gym, a cafe and a commentator’s booth.


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