The main favorites of the Oscars-2022

After the nominees were announced on February 8, the analysts of BC “Winline” and other companies identified clear favorites. Bonuses of BC

There are 10 films in the Best Picture category, but the main favorite is Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, which has a 50% chance of winning. Power of the Dog and Belfast are also favorites, but they are far behind West Side Story.

The top nominee for Best Actor is Will Smith for his performance in King Richard. Smith’s chances, according to bookmakers, are over 70%. Next up is Andrew Garfield for his performance in the musical Tick-Tock…BOOM! and Benedict Cumberbatch for Power of the Dog, but their chances of winning compared to Smith are negligible.

Kristen Stewart, who played Princess Diana in Spencer: The Secret of Princess Diana, won the Best Actress nomination. Stewart’s chances of winning are as high as Will Smith’s. Her main rival is Nicole Kidman, who starred in the movie As Ricardo. For all other actresses, the chances of winning in this nomination are minimal.


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