Two games that are particularly well known in England, or in its previous belongings

1. Cricket originated in the 16th century in aristocratic circles. And in our time, it is popular among the English nobility, but still accessible to the general population. He is especially popular now not in England, but in India, where the best players receive tens of millions of dollars a year playing for professional cricket teams. Bets are accepted on cricket, for example, they are accepted by 1XBET, you can read about his personal account here.

The essence of cricket is reminiscent of baseball or rounders. There is a pitcher, there is a batter who is trying to hit the ball as far as possible in order to make as many runs of “runs” as possible. Cricket differs from baseball and bast shoes in the form of a bat, and there is also a gate that must be protected from destruction. Cricket matches are very long, sometimes they go on for several days.

2. Polo or horse polo. This game is even older than cricket, there is a possibility that it originated before our era. Polo players, while on horseback, strive to score as many balls as possible to their opponent. Polo, unlike cricket, is still inaccessible to the general population. This is largely due to the fact that keeping a sports horse is an expensive pleasure, and each athlete needs at least two of them to play.

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