Russia reports removal of 40 German negotiators in blow for blow move — live updates

Secretary of Protect Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced new US help to Ukraine ensuing to returning to Poland from a trip to Kyiv.

Russia declares 40 German optional mission staff ‘persona non grata’
Blinken, Austin report help, political flood in visit to Kyiv
Finland and Sweden supposedly to submit NATO applications together in mid-May
Rockets evidently hit five train stations in central and western Ukraine
Russia reports ceasefire at Mariupol steel plant, Ukraine says no course of action made

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European Commission President watches out for Russia on India visit

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in New Delhi that Russian hostility in Ukraine is an impending peril to European security.

Talking at a global gathering, von der Leyen said that Russia was: “Zeroing in on and killing guiltless ordinary individuals. Redrawing borders coercively. Subjugating the craving of a free gathering. This contentions with focus norms esteemed in the U.N. Endorse.”

She added that Russia’s “outlandish and improper antagonism against Ukraine” would be a “fundamental dissatisfaction.” She said the EU was “doing everything we possibly can for help Ukraine with fighting for its chance.”
Germany necessities to get the grain supply from Ukraine by rail

The German government needs to use rail transport to put together elective strategy for conveying grain from Ukraine.

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