The final matchup of stars we all deserve from this World Cup is France vs. Argentina.

What were we able to do to earn this?

Did we all keep an eye out, not weep or pout?

Were we all polite and not unruly?

Was it simply because we all enjoy the men’s World Cup every four years and love the game that we waited an additional five months so FIFA could hold this tournament in Qatar without everyone melting in the summer heat?

Argentina vs. France?

Argentina vs. France!

MORE: History of France vs. Argentina matches The only way this could be better is if your country, or any country, played on Sunday to win the golden globe, the most coveted sports trophy. This is our holiday present for those of us who do not reside in Buenos Aires or Paris.

Following France’s 2-0 victory over Morocco on Wednesday, Didier Deschamps told Fox Sports, “It’s never easy, but it has been such a joy up until this point.” This is something I tell my players and staff to do every day: really appreciate and enjoy the present. We would love to spend time together, but we are unable to. In four days, we will play for a world title. We’ll have a great time right now before getting ready for the World Cup’s final match.

Prior to the tournament, France and Argentina were two of the top three betting favorites. They feature two of the game’s best players, France’s Kylian Mbappe and Argentina’s Lionel Messi. Throughout its history, each nation has won the World Cup twice. There is such a great amount to attract us all to our screens Sunday to see what creates.

Messi and Mbappe will never play against each other on the field, as is the case with superstar showdowns. But does that matter? Every piece of evidence we have to date suggests that Mbappe will succeed Messi, who is the greatest player of his generation and possibly ever.

Mbappe, now 23, has won one World Cup title and is very close to winning another. He has scored 147 objectives with his clubs and 33 of every 64 covers with France. Messi had scored 15 goals in 35 appearances for the senior Argentina national team and had won two UEFA Champions League titles, four La Liga titles, an Olympic gold medal, and 88 goals for FC Barcelona at the same age.

This is as though Michael Jordan and LeBron James had met in a NBA Finals. That would have been difficult because, in 1998, when MJ won his sixth title, “King James” was still probably in seventh grade and was still a prince.

This is so priceless because of this. Rarely do players with such extraordinary abilities cross paths at opposite ends of a career. This indicates that there is the potential for something truly magical to take place regardless of which side has possession of the ball.

It entails that if Messi’s Argentina prevails, he will have obtained the one and only significant honor that has eluded him. Mbappe will be well on his way to joining Messi, Pele, and Maradona as sporting icons if France wins.
America vs. the World In the 2018 World Cup final in Russia, France earned the second star above its crest with a 4-2 victory over Croatia, which surprised everyone.

In the summer of 2021, Argentina defeated rival Brazil 1-0 to end Messi’s futile quest for a major international title (photo below). The Albiceleste won their 15th Copa America championship, but Messi only won his first after losing four international finals.

Therefore, this is what we have: the winner of the Copa America vs. the World Cup champions.

This is as good as it could have been because Italy did not qualify for this tournament, so it is as good as it could have been. The only thing that would rival such a battle would be the World champions versus the Euro champions.

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